Last night ZU hosted Mocktails and we had an great turn out with 78 beautiful smiling prospective pledges!

Potentials circled around!
Potentials circled around!

Brothers and pledges were split up into various groups a variety of ice breaker games one including the very competitive game of “Heads Up”.

1779769_10151972750339151_129103111_n“I’ve never played Heads Up until I went to Mocktails. There’s something special about 10 people screaming at you to “roll in the deep” that really makes you want to be their friends.”- Jessi Cheung 

One of the other great activities was “Big at First Sight”, which was basically our way of having pledges meet brothers one on one and have a chance to chat and see if there’s a big-little connection!

“During the big at first sight, i guessed the potential pledges year (i.e. freshman).  I eventually gave up after the 15th incorrect guess, but they were all laughing about it”- Paul Oberbeck 

1601040_10151972749984151_1369566183_nDID WE MENTION THERE WAS FOOD? Oh yes, so much food. Cheese and crackers (of course), cupcakes, brownies and the list goes on. But wait, it was our favorite bartender’s last semester as an undergrad and her Mocktails were a hit (as always).

“I’ve had so much fun being the “bartender” for the last 3 semesters!! I hope everyone liked my drinks, I tried to go all out for my bros and the potentials for my last semester! I had so much fun and will definitely miss my favorite big APO event next year!”- Chelsea Berkowitz 

The wonderful Amy Fox reflected on her last Mocktails…

71450_10151972749704151_1919230026_n“I can’t believe this was my last Mocktails. After graduating, this is one of the events that I’ll miss most. Meeting new people with a shared love for service is the best part of being a brother in APO” –Amy Fox

A huge shout to the Pledgemasters Brian Boman and Stephanie Pennetti for organizing this huge event and to all of the brothers for helping set everything up and for being friendly and inviting!