Get to Know a Brother and Pledge: Leah Magid and Kristen Gast

Leah Magid


Leah Magid enjoys studying public health and wants to work in healthcare in order to help others but she doesn’t wish to be a doctor. Some of her favorite things about BU is that the city is literally at your feet and you can walk anywhere and everywhere whenever you want. BU also has a huge APO chapter with so much brotherly love and she enjoys knowing that wherever she goes on campus, she’ll most likely bump into a brother. BU is also so big that you’ll always find the right group of friends. She wishes she was athletic and has tried many sports in high school but she plans on just sticking to the gym to stay healthy! She really enjoyed robotics in high school because it exercises the mind and the competitions for robotics are like sports games and just as competitive. It’s pretty cool. Find facts: Leah likes Kristen Wiig and SNL and has a pretty good Kristen Wiig impression.


Kristen GastKristen Gast is a sophomore studying Religion and Psychology. Religion is her one true love which began as a quest to understand her favorite author Salinger better. As for Psychology, she wishes to go into Social work as a career in order to help her better serve humanity. She loves BU because it simultaneously feels like a city and a small college campus. She can also meet a lot of new people and also form many connections! On campus, she is a part of Habitat for Humanity and Literary Society which allows her to meet many great, passionate people while also doing something that she loves. She also works in an after school program in Allston which allows her to hang out with young kids who all think she’s a genius because she understands fractions :). Kristen played many sports when she was younger – baseball, softball, cheerleading, tennis, boxing. Currently, she participates in weightlifting! She enjoys watching the Patriots and Red Sox because she has inherited her dad’s love for New England sports! In her free time, Kristen enjoys reading, writing, singing and hanging out with her friends and animals. She is also a pop culture addict especially with sitcoms, romcoms, and mob movies. She also enjoys going on adventures and sitting on rooftops!

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