Executive Board Biographies

President: Grant Fajardo

Grant is a junior majoring Accounting and Finance at the Questrom School of Business. A member of the Emerald Family, Grant pledged in Spring of 2018 and is a resident of Culver City, CA. An active member of BU’s Men’s Volleyball team and a lover of a laundry list of sports teams, Grant is sure to take the chapter to new horizons this coming semester with his kindness and propensity for leading others.

Fun fact: He will eat one bite of any edible food item if you dare him to do it!

Why Grant loves APO: “APO is amazing because everybody wants to make a positive difference in the community. That common goal creates a strong bond among all the bros. The friendships I have made in APO will hold a special place in my heart.”

Service Vice President: Erin Thomas

Erin is junior majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Public Health. Hailing from Dallas, TX, this member of the Black Family pledged in Fall of 2017. Involved in such activities such BU Outing Club, Engineers without Borders, ASB, and even horseback riding, Erin truly delivers the charisma and tenacity to collaborate with so many of our service partners peppered around Boston!

Fun fact: She’s a certified scuba diver with a dream of swimming with great white sharks!

Why Erin loves APO: “Serving the Boston community is one of the most important things students can do to give back and learn more about privilege and identity. Doing that as a brother in APO has not only provided me with valuable life skills, but has also taught me lessons in empathy and friendship.”

Service Vice President: Rebecca Nordland

Rebecca is a junior from Litchfield, CT currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Health. She also happens to be a member of the Emerald Family who pledged in the Fall of 2017. Volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association and participating with a pen pal program with students at a Boston elementary school has offered Rebecca the expertise, generosity, and personality to coordinate with numerous community partners in establishing service outings.

Fun fact: In spite of her better judgment, she once swam in the Charles River!

Why Rebecca loves APO: “I love that APO gives me the opportunity to contribute to making Boston a more sustainable, healthy, and socially just community that I’m proud and lucky to be a part of, all while working alongside and developing friendships with other incredible, kind, service-minded individuals.”

Membership Vice President: Sabrina McDonnell

Sabrina is a junior who pledged in the Fall of 2017 and who currently majors in Economics. She is a member of the Emerald Family and is originally from Darien, CT. With personality and work ethic to spare, Sabrina’s going to be great help in accounting for members and connecting brothers, pledges, and alumni alike, as she furthered herself in activities such as ASB or FSYOP with the Community Service Center. She is also part of the Delta Gamma sorority.

Fun fact: She’s absolutely, irrationally afraid of mushrooms!

Why Sabrina loves APO: “APO is the best way to meet incredible people while still having an obligation to something greater than just ourselves. The accessibility of the services in our various communities and brothers’ willingness to be a part of them is so wonderful to experience every single semester.”

Membership Vice President: Victoria Vaphiades

Victoria is a junior currently studying Psychology and is a proud member of the Emerald Family. She pledged in the Fall of 2016 after coming from her hometown of Norton, MA. Victoria is lively, energetic, diligent, and dedicated, with these qualities making her a natural CAS Dean’s Host, FYSOP Staff Leader, and FY101 Peer Fellow.

Fun fact: Her wicked Massachusetts town has one stoplight but four Dunkin’ Donuts!

Why Victoria loves APO: “APO is full of so many kind, funny, and intelligent people who share a passion for making a difference in our community. I’ve made some of my closest friends through APO all while getting to explore Boston through service!”

Fellowship Vice President: Kathy Mei

Kathy is a sophomore from Boston, MA majoring in Anthropology who pledged in the Spring of 2018. She is a member of the Emerald Family. Kathy furthermore works at Mugar Library and offers her spare time to volunteer at Boston Latin School to help out her old Chinese teacher. Altogether, she makes out as this warm-hearted, humble figure ready to take on the chapter’s fellowships and initiatives for belonging and inclusion.

Fun fact: She loves anime, K-pop, and watching documentaries (even though she always fall asleep watching them)!

Why Kathy loves APO: “I enjoy the community. I’ve gotten to meet so many people through APO whom I would not have met otherwise, and form friendships with so many caring and kind individuals. We all share a common desire to help others and I think that is very beautiful.”

Fellowship Vice President: Janina Huang

Janina is a junior doubling majoring in English in the College of Arts and Sciences and Advertising the College of Communications who pledged in Spring of 2018. A member of the Emerald Family, she is a Boston, MA native. A twin and a seasoned actor in BU’s Willing Suspension Productions, Janina has the compassion and adaptability to develop the fellowships meant to bolster ties among brothers.

Fun Fact:  She secretly wants to be a Jungle Cruise Skipper!!

Why Janina loves APO: “I enjoy giving back to my community while being surrounded by caring people. In a time when it feels like the world is forgetting about empathy, I love spending time with my bros — they remind me that kindness is alive and thriving.”

Pledgemaster: Barbara Zayas

Barbara is a senior double majoring in Sociology and Latin American Studies who pledged in the Fall of 2016. She is a member of the Black Family, and is originally from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Between separating her time with acapella and Alianza Latina, Barbara actively blogs and leads a Zumba class, upholding her reputation as a beacon of confidence that is sure to make waves with pledges.

Fun fact: She crossed the southern border every day to attend high school!

Why Barbara loves APO: “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in service of others.”

Pledgemaster: Christina Armand

Christina is a senior who majors in Psychology and whose hometown is Brockton, MA. A member of the Orange Family, she pledged in Fall of 2016. From being an active mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters to engaging thoroughly with different communities in Boston, Christina’s qualifications are almost as full as her passport, making her an excellent up and coming pledgemaster.

Fun fact: Last semester, she studied abroad in Sydney!

Why Christina loves APO: “One of my favorite things about APO is being able to see different parts of Boston through service! I’ve gotten the chance to interact and learn about the communities that are all over the city.”

Treasurer: Daniella Keith

Coming all the way from Detroit, MI, Daniella is a sophomore majoring in business at the Questrom School of Business on the pre-law track. She pledged in Spring of 2018 and is currently a member of the Black Family. Her financial acumen and tremendous interpersonal skills make her a great fit for handling the chapter’s expenses, with Daniella demonstrating an enormous dedication to the services and relationships fostered in APO.

Fun fact: She once snuck into a casino party in Las Vegas!

Why Daniella loves APO: “I love that the work we do is meaningful. The people and the organizations we volunteer with are all so passionate about what they do and you know when you’re working with them you’re really making a difference in someone’s life.”

Secretary: Isabela Yamaguchi

Isabela is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Media Science from São Paulo, Brazil. She pledged in Fall of 2018 and is a part of the Teal Family. Izzy’s attention to detail and vibrancy make her suited to handle reservations, meeting minutes, and chapter morale.

Fun fact: She loves dogs and has one back in Brazil named Kindle!

Why Isabela loves APO:  “I really enjoy the variety of service opportunities and the warmth of the APO community! The people I’ve met so far have been so accepting and incredibly kind.”

Webmaster/Historian: Leon Novak

Leon is junior from Rocky Hill, CT majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minoring in Sociology. Having pledged in the Fall of 2018, he is a member of the Purple Family. Despite being very tall, he’s incredibly down-to-earth and willing to offer any one of our brothers or community partners a voice on our social media platforms. His passion for such led to his involvement in CAS Dean’s Hosts, FYSOP, and activism across Boston.

Fun fact: He’s a licensed masseuse, lifeguard, and EMT specialist!

Why Leon loves APO: “APO matters so much to me for the value it places upon service, cooperation, and inclusivity, making sure that everyone in a community feels acknowledged and loved. I also adore being with like-minded individuals who all share that same passion for helping others.”

Sergeant-at-Arms: Steph Houghton

Steph is a junior currently double majoring Biology and Economics and is a member of the Emerald Family. She pledged in the Fall of 2018 and comes from Watertown, CT. Steph operates as the president of BU’s Medical Ethics Society. Her enthusiasm and management skills make her a sure fit for reinforcing APO policy and communicating with the national chapter.

Fun fact: She has a dog named Milo who is arguably her favorite person ever!

Why Steph loves APO: “I love all of the friendships I’ve made with my fellow brothers. Doing community service with such a good group of people makes it even more enjoyable. APO is a very welcoming environment for all and it’s important for all members to feel comfortable and supported!”

Public Relations: Megan Coats

Megan is a junior majoring in Graphic Design from Chillicothe, OH. A member of the Emerald Family, Megan pledged in Fall of 2018. Investing herself in extracurriculars such as mission work and improv comedy in her spare time, Megan offers a unique and globalized creative vision that’s sure to promote the chapter.

Fun fact: She was once “politely” told to leave the MoMA after accidentally touching Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night when she was seven!

Why Megan loves APO: “I love the relationships that develop through serving others and it is the best way to give back to your community. If you want an amazing support system, just join a service frat!”