Welcome, Alpha Psi Class

We are so excited to welcome the 74 new pledges that attended pledge ceremony last Monday. All the brothers are so excited to meet everyone and help you in your pledge process!

All of the pledges from their meeting on Monday
All of the pledges from their meeting on Monday

Fall 2014 Executive Board!

After 5.5 long hours of Elections, we are proud to announce our Fall 2014 E-Board! A HUGE congrats to our new E-Board and a ginormous thank you to everyone who ran! There were so many great candidates!

President: Erica Jutras

Membership Vice President: Stefan Toussaint

Fellowship Vice President: Brian Boman

Service Vice Presidents: Lauren Johnson & Sharon Fan

Pledgemasters: Jessi Cheung & Crystal Michaelides

Treasurer: Biren Patel

Secretary: Laura Wong

Webmaster/Historian: Ginny Jewell

Sargent-At-Arms: Sarah Eldredge

Public Relations Chair: Olivia Checchio

Once again, congratulations everyone, we know you will all do a fabulous job next semester and guide APO to bigger and better things! 


Get to Know a Brother and Pledge: Leah Magid and Kristen Gast

Leah Magid


Leah Magid enjoys studying public health and wants to work in healthcare in order to help others but she doesn’t wish to be a doctor. Some of her favorite things about BU is that the city is literally at your feet and you can walk anywhere and everywhere whenever you want. BU also has a huge APO chapter with so much brotherly love and she enjoys knowing that wherever she goes on campus, she’ll most likely bump into a brother. BU is also so big that you’ll always find the right group of friends. She wishes she was athletic and has tried many sports in high school but she plans on just sticking to the gym to stay healthy! She really enjoyed robotics in high school because it exercises the mind and the competitions for robotics are like sports games and just as competitive. It’s pretty cool. Find facts: Leah likes Kristen Wiig and SNL and has a pretty good Kristen Wiig impression.


Kristen GastKristen Gast is a sophomore studying Religion and Psychology. Religion is her one true love which began as a quest to understand her favorite author Salinger better. As for Psychology, she wishes to go into Social work as a career in order to help her better serve humanity. She loves BU because it simultaneously feels like a city and a small college campus. She can also meet a lot of new people and also form many connections! On campus, she is a part of Habitat for Humanity and Literary Society which allows her to meet many great, passionate people while also doing something that she loves. She also works in an after school program in Allston which allows her to hang out with young kids who all think she’s a genius because she understands fractions :). Kristen played many sports when she was younger – baseball, softball, cheerleading, tennis, boxing. Currently, she participates in weightlifting! She enjoys watching the Patriots and Red Sox because she has inherited her dad’s love for New England sports! In her free time, Kristen enjoys reading, writing, singing and hanging out with her friends and animals. She is also a pop culture addict especially with sitcoms, romcoms, and mob movies. She also enjoys going on adventures and sitting on rooftops!

PLUG: Literary Society is working on its second issue of Coup D’Etat, a new literary journal, and they are always looking for new poems and prose! If you would like more info, you can check out bucoup.com!


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Get to Know a Brother and Pledge: Ryan Schoeplein and Yasmin Gentry

Ryan Schoeplein

Ryan Schoeplein is a junior at BU studying biomedical engineering because he has always been interested in healthcare. This, combined with his love for design, led him to a field in which he could apply his creativity to the human body while simultaneously helping others. His ultimate career goal is to work in the greater field of global healthcare, while also incorporating his public health minor. He would love to work with under-privileged areas of the world in an attempt to bridge healthcare disparities. Ryan loves BU because it’s easy to meet many different people, which he thinks is one of the most important things to do in order to grow. Within the Community Service Center, he has been a FYSOP Staff Member and an Alternative Spring Break Coordinator. He works as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at FitRec. In engineering, he is also a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, a Dean’s Host, and works in the undergraduate programs office which is a great lead-in to my role this summer as an Orientation Student Advisor. He also studied abroad in Madrid during his sophomore year! When Ryan is graced with free time, he loves to spend it exploring Boston. He likes to think he has seen most of our beautiful city, but there are so many more hidden gems he knows that are out there. He has recently picked up photography, and also enjoys painting and doing other crafty things in general. Ryan is the oldest of three kids! His brother, Kyle, is currently a freshman at Boston Conservatory studying musical theater and his sister, Courtney, is in the seventh grade. He’s from Connecticut and has five pets–three dogs and two cats!

Yasmin Gentry


Yasmin Gentry studies COM studies, which is a branch of mass communication. In the future, she would really like to work in the creative apartment, either in an advertisement agency or media company. She loves Boston because it is extremely walk-able and historic and BU has so many opportunities and ways to get involved in our community! On campus, Yasmin works in Agganis Arena Ticket Office and also an Undergraduate Office Assistant at the Center for the Studies of Asia. She also writes for ‘The Quad’ and is currently writing an article for UPass. She works as a communications director for the student government campaign: TruBU! Plug: The student body can vote for student government on Student Link between March 31st and April 7PM! If she had free time, she would love to finally watch ‘Frozen,’ spend her time Netflix-ing and check out new food places. Since she is from Chicago, she is a huge fan of the Blackhawks and occasionally watches football and baseball. She played lacrosse and softball for a little while in high school but now enjoys exercising and running on her own. Her dad named her after the Red Sox player, Carl Yastrzemski, who was nicknamed ‘Yaz!’ Yasmin is going abroad to Japan this summer to take an intensive Japanese course in Tokyo through Sophia University.

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Get to Know a Brother and Pledge: Alissa Kim and Elissa Feist

Alissa KimAlissa Kim is a sophomore studying Health Science with a Public Health minor! She loves that she is able to help people and be an expert in the field she is studying. In the future, she plans to either go into health administration or health policy. Some of the reasons she loves BU is because of all the opportunities it has to offer. Also because BU is located in the middle of the city, there are always activities to do and places to visit! In her free time, she enjoys visiting coffee shops with her friends, going on bike rides, going to the park and making homemade cards!   Elissa Feist

Elissa Feist is part of the synchronized swimming team. She has been on synchronized swimming teams since she was 8 years old! She is also a stylist for Off the Cuff Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies that makes you think, baking cakes, sitting in the library with a stack of photography books, wandering around the city, watching anime and meditating. She is a huge foodie and one of her favorite things about Boston is being able to go to many different and cool restaurants and cafes!In the future, she wants to learn French sign language and go to graduate school for linguistics and live in Montreal.

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February MVBs (Most Valuable Brothers)!

Congratulations to our February MVBs (Most Valuable Brothers)

(L-R) Esther Ma, Tyler Durniak, Ryan Schoeplein, Paul Oberbeck, Thuy-Van Tran. Not in the picture: Nicole Stone
(L-R) Esther Ma, Tyler Durniak, Ryan Schoeplein, Paul Oberbeck, Thuy-Van Tran. Not in the picture: Nicole Stone

Senior Class: Thuy-Van Tran:

Thuy attended 18 events which includes 9 fellowships, 3 meetings and 6 service events!

Junior Class: Esther Ma

Esther attended 23 events which includes 13 fellowships, 6 service events, and 4 meetings!

Sophomore Class: Nicole Stone

Nicole attended 18 events which includes 9 fellowships, 5 service events, and 4 meetings!

Freshman Class: Tyler Durniak

Tyler attended 21 events which includes 13 fellowships, 4 service events, and 4 meetings!

Associate: Ryan Schoeplein

Ryan attended 9 events which includes 4 fellowships, 1 service events, and 4 meetings!

Committee Member: Paul Oberbeck

Paul is a very important member of PR committee while also contributing his time to Apparel Committee!

Thank you for all the things you guys do! Stay wonderful!

Welcome, Alpha Chi Class!

The first Pledge Meeting!
The first Pledge Meeting!

We’re so lucky to have 70+ wonderful new pledges join us for Pledge Ceremony this past Monday! The ceremony went swimmingly and now we have an amazing pledge class! We wish the best for you guys, and remember, the Bros are here to help you out and we can’t wait to meet all of you and have you join us!

Pledges and Bros at Pledge Ceremony!
Pledges and Bros at Pledge Ceremony!


Last night ZU hosted Mocktails and we had an great turn out with 78 beautiful smiling prospective pledges!

Potentials circled around!
Potentials circled around!

Brothers and pledges were split up into various groups a variety of ice breaker games one including the very competitive game of “Heads Up”.

1779769_10151972750339151_129103111_n“I’ve never played Heads Up until I went to Mocktails. There’s something special about 10 people screaming at you to “roll in the deep” that really makes you want to be their friends.”- Jessi Cheung 

One of the other great activities was “Big at First Sight”, which was basically our way of having pledges meet brothers one on one and have a chance to chat and see if there’s a big-little connection!

“During the big at first sight, i guessed the potential pledges year (i.e. freshman).  I eventually gave up after the 15th incorrect guess, but they were all laughing about it”- Paul Oberbeck 

1601040_10151972749984151_1369566183_nDID WE MENTION THERE WAS FOOD? Oh yes, so much food. Cheese and crackers (of course), cupcakes, brownies and the list goes on. But wait, it was our favorite bartender’s last semester as an undergrad and her Mocktails were a hit (as always).

“I’ve had so much fun being the “bartender” for the last 3 semesters!! I hope everyone liked my drinks, I tried to go all out for my bros and the potentials for my last semester! I had so much fun and will definitely miss my favorite big APO event next year!”- Chelsea Berkowitz 

The wonderful Amy Fox reflected on her last Mocktails…

71450_10151972749704151_1919230026_n“I can’t believe this was my last Mocktails. After graduating, this is one of the events that I’ll miss most. Meeting new people with a shared love for service is the best part of being a brother in APO” –Amy Fox

A huge shout to the Pledgemasters Brian Boman and Stephanie Pennetti for organizing this huge event and to all of the brothers for helping set everything up and for being friendly and inviting!

Kick start to a New Year

It’s been a weekend full of amazing news from Regionals to our chapter!

  1. We hope you’re ready because Fall 2014 Conclave is going to be held right here at BU by Zeta Upsilon!!! So put your thinking caps on and join the Conclave committees to help make this a Conclave they won’t forget. Check out the amazing bid video made by our MVP, Lauren Johnson here! (It’s amazing).  We want to say thanks to all the brothers that made this possible, especially to Stefan Toussaint (Secretary) and Lauren Johnson!
  2. We were presented with the “Joe Scanlon Award Membership Award” for membership growth for the 2012-2013 year!
  3. We were also presented with the “Region 1 Fellowship Award” for an excellent fellowship program. Big thanks to our FVP, Jessi Cheung!
  4. Last but most definitely not least, the “Pledge Program of Excellence Award” for the
    (Left to Right: Jennifer Balinski, Stefan Toussaint and Lauren Johnson) Accepting the Pledge Excellence award for ZU
    (Left to Right: Jennifer Balinski, Stefan Toussaint and Lauren Johnson) Accepting the Pledge Excellence award for ZU

    2012-2013 year! We want to thank Cara Mayberry and Dory Leviashvili (Fall 2012 Pledgemasters) and Brooke Kwasny and Morgan Fleming (Spring 2013 Pledgemasters).

Thank you again for all the hard work each and every brother contributes to this chapter to make it better everyday. Who knows what this New Year will hold for us?

We’ll see you all soon!

Are you ready for an amazing Spring 2014 Semester?

The Zeta Upsilon chapter hopes you had a magnificent winter vacation, holiday, and New Years! We can’t wait for you to kick your “Do more community service” resolution (which we all know you have) into full gear this semester!

I wanted to take this moment before we start talking about the new semester to reflect on some of our Fall 2013 accomplishments!

  1. We crossed an astounding number of 73 pledges, with the wonderful guidance from pledgemaster Kyli! Welcome our new brothers, we know you are going to do amazing things for this chapter and community!
  2. Our chapter completed over 4,409 hours of community service! Let me repeat, that is four thousand, four hundred and nine hours plus hours… that is incredible.
  3. Say Hello to your Spring 2014 EBoard:

President: Erica Jutras
Membership Vice President: 
Lauren Johnson
Service Vice Presidents: 
Sarah Messick
Fellowship Vice President: 
Jessi Cheung
Pledgemasters: Brian Boman & Stephanie Pennetti
Treasurer: Biren Patel
Secretary: Stefan Toussaint
Webmaster: Sharon Fan
Sergeant at Arms: Ajay Naik
PR Chair: Anita Knopov

We’re going to be holding some recruitment events right when we return from the holidays, more on that will be updated! For now, spread the word about info sessions and expanding our chapter! Details can be found here.

This is going to be an amazing semester, I can already feel it.